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Promoting Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, & Education since 1974.
 New York's State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SMRO)

American Bikers Aimed Toward Education is a not for profit corporation formed to promote and protect the interests of New York state motorcyclists. ABATE monitors and interacts with the legislative process, enhancing the image of motorcycling, and provides educational and social opportunities for members and non-members. ABATE will continue to strive to stay acquainted with the issues and the people of the motorcycling community.
Promoting Creto / Kade's Law

This isn't just about motorcyclists - It's your children on bicycles, the elderly, or disabled in wheelchairs.
Bill numbers S2509 and A05407 covers motorcyclists, pedestrians, joggers,and anyone considered a vulnerable user of the road.  We want to stiffen the penalties for maiming or killing our loved ones.  We want to bring awareness to all drivers about vulnerable users.  We want distracted and/or irresponsible drivers held accountabe for their actions.  Contact your local politicians and tell them we're tired of burying our loved ones in exchange for a $35 fine. 
Creto / Kade's Law sponsored by ABATE of New York Inc. and
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Tired of Being Harassed? 
If you or anyone you know (does not have to be an ABATE member) has been stopped at a motorcycle-only roadblock or harassed in any way by law enforcement for being on a motorcycle, please contact Prospector ASAP at 518-239-4560 to make a formal complaint to the Attorney General's office.


ABATE of NY Inc. encourages and endorses the use of AMA Action Alerts.
On the AMA Website (American Motorcycle Association) you can sign up to receive Action Alerts.  It only takes a few minutes to sign-up.  You will then receive the alerts via e-mail, pre-written for you, ready to send to the proper elected official(s) in your area. This process takes only seconds! Make your voice heard! Participation in mass, shows more awareness of how you feel on the issues, along with what ABATE NY is doing on your behalf.


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