How to Write a Better Letter



Because legislators at all levels of government make voting decisions that affect you and your families, it is important that you explain you position before they vote.

A simple letter is better than no letter. First you must know who you are writing to.

Example of the congress websitePut your zipcode into the Contact Your Legislators box at the right and enter. It will give you your federal information. On that page above your zipcode is the link for STATE. Click there for your state information.

1. Address your state legislator properly. Type (or print neatly) your name, address with zipcode, and phone number at the top.

2. State legislators receive many letters a day, the best way to insure their attention is to be brief and to the point.

3. Don't assume that your legislator has prior knowledge of your issue. Be calm, respectful, and using local examples to accentuate your point. Explain any family, business, or political connection in regard to the issue. Give experience (ex. I have been riding 15 years).

4. When writing to any elected official, keep in mind that you have more influence on those officials in your own district except when writing to committees.

5. Letter writing should not be reserved to simply sway an opinion, but also to indicate to the elected official that he/she is doing a good job.

6. Ask for a response.