ABATE Legislation Information

Our Continuing Goals:

  • The pursuit of fair treatment and safety for ALL motorcyclists.
  • Closely monitor proposed motorcycle-impacting legislation.
  • Promotion and pursuit of motorcycle-related legislation and safety education for all motorcyclists and the general public.
  • Freedom of choice regarding safety equipment.
  • Promotion of a positive image of ABATE and motorcyclists.
The AMA provides a complete list of motorcycle laws in New York State on their website here.
They also provided listings of motorcycle laws for every state here
The New York Department of Motor Vehicles Motorcycle Manual is available online here

AMA Action Alerts

ABATE of NY Inc. encourages and endorses the use of AMA Action Alerts.
On the AMA Website (American Motorcycle Association) you can sign up to receive Action Alerts.  It only takes a few minutes to sign-up.  You will then receive the alerts via e-mail, pre-written for you, ready to send to the proper elected official(s) in your area. This process takes only seconds! Make your voice heard! Participation in mass, shows more awareness of how you feel on the issues, along with what ABATE NY is doing on your behalf.

Motorcycle Bills

Legislation Information