Flyer Essentials


1. WHAT - What exactly are you advertising? Get to the point, keep it short and simple.  Should be biggest text on flyer.


2.WHO is putting this on? - This doesn't have to be very large.  If people are interested in this kind of event they will read to see who is putting it on.


3. WHEN - This is secondary to WHAT.  This should be an important part of your flyer.  People don't want to search for dates.


4. WHERE & WHAT TIME - Tell people where this event will take place and at what time.  This should also be large but not as large as WHAT or When ....directions should be placed at the bottom.


5. EVENTS - This is where you give the people reasons to attend. What they will get for their $$$'s, or involvement. These items can be bold.


6. HOW MUCH? - Admission price (members/non-members) - This doesn't have to be large or bold. If the people that read this are interested they will look for this.


7. DIRECTIONS / RESTRICTIONS / CONTACT -  This is where you put all extra information that the people need to know in order to attend. Contact is very important! If you do not sufficiently answer someone's question about this event, they need a reference number to call to be able to ask questions.


8. GRAPHIC ELEMENT - Artwork of some kind will get the attention of someone just glancing at the flyer, especially if it is among several others.  You are competing for attention, and this is one of the best ways to get them to at least look.  Once you get them to look you are half way there!!!