Developing the Aura of Being in Charge


 If you have courage to make decisions and accept responsibility for your actions, you’ll find that people will always defer to you.

  • Seize every opportunity that offers you increased responsibility.
  • Do every job you are given to the best of your ability.
  • Accept honest criticism and admit mistakes.
  • Stick to what you think is right; have the courage of your convictions.
  • Take full responsibility for the failures of the people under you.
  • Assume complete responsibility for your own actions - for your failures as well as for your successes.

Correcting Someone’s Mistakes - Remember Criticism Destroys

  • When a mistake is made correct the mistake, but don’t criticize the person for making it.
  • When you see something wrong, when you see a mistake being made, simply walk over to the group and ask, “What happened?”
  • What happened? Who did it? You can feel the difference between the two questions. One is asking for the facts, the other is looking for the scapegoat.
  • Get all the pertinent facts first. You policy should be: “Don’t tell me what I’d like to hear - Tell me what I have to hear.”

Other Pointers

  • Show Confidence in yourself and always act as of it were impossible to fail.
  • Remain cool in the midst of trouble.
  • Cooperation form others is one of the major factors of success. To gain this you must give them your cooperation and support first.
  • Practice absolute honesty and truthfulness at all times.
    1. Make your word bond.
    2. Never make a promise you cannot keep.
    3. Never make a decision you cannot support.
    4. Never issue an order you cannot enforce.
  • Be accurate and truthful in all your written statements.
  • Stand for what you believe to be right.
  • Be ready to accept the blame if you are wrong.
  • Be willing to lend a helping hand. If you see someone struggling with something or someone who needs a break, step in and help.

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