Seven Steps to Being a Leader  


  1. Be strong but not inflexible. Be firm when necessary, but friendly and reasonable, and willing to compromise if necessary.
  2. Keep an eye toward the future. Look for ways to create improvements while working within any systems and limitations.
  3. Be kind, but not weak. Kindness is a sure sign of quiet strength. The best leaders look for ways to show others that they sincerely care about them as individuals.
  4. Bosses boss, but a leader builds relationships. Loyalty goes to the leaders.
  5. To build your influence, be the first to offer solutions, to accept challenges, and to accept new responsibilities - in other words, be a difference maker.
  6. Be consistent. Consistency is a dependable and trustworthy quality that both bosses and coworkers will appreciate.
  7. Keep negative emotions in check. Don't let anger, destructive criticism, pettiness, or a lack of control be your calling card.