YOU are RESPONSIBLE for everything that happens in your chapter, be it good or bad.

YOU don't need or want to run all events or committees, more work can be accomplished when you learn how to delegate jobs and authority to those who can, and will, do the job.

YOU need to be available and responsive to your members and to your chapter's needs. Communication is a must here. The best start is the telephone. If your members can't talk to you they may lose interest. Good communication!

YOU run all monthly meetings and monthly officer meetings.

YOU should help coordinate and attend every event in your chapter. Show your members that you care about what is going on and be visible in a positive way.

YOU need to attend the (4) State Meetings and (4) District Meetings per year to keep updated. Bring to these meetings your ideas and your chapter's views. You will learn more and be a better President if you are informed and can share ideas with your peers.

YOUR job, as President, is to make sure everyone does their job. An officer or member of yours that does not, or cannot do their job, does not need to be criticized either privately or publicly, but rather they need to be helped by YOU to do the job they volunteered for. Remember all your workers are volunteers. YOU need to be the one to help them whenever and wherever they need YOU. Presidents are expected to be the ultimate volunteers.

YOU as President are responsible for all Treasury and Membership work and reports. Ultimately, the blame or praise for everything in your chapter falls on your shoulders. As President you can't just pass the buck, it stops with YOU.

YOUR job, as President, is to help coordinate everything that happens in your chapter; to get as many people involved as possible; to always try to raise your membership through your positive efforts; to be a leader helping to give the chapter direction.

STRONG leadership, not a dictator, along with a good positive attitude towards people, will help you find and keep those working members who can help make your chapter large and strong.

REMEMBER, as President, your job is not to do every job in the chapter, but rather your job is to set a good example, to motivate, and to coordinate others to do the work needed.

But maybe most of all, you need to listen. Listen to what your members and officers are saying, don't close them or their ideas out. And last of all, don't forget to thank your volunteer's. Public and private praise, from you personally, can go a long way.