Do’s and Don’ts with the Press


Do encourage your bands, vendors, etc., to send out their own press releases about their participation in your project.

Do anticipate questions that may be asked and have draft answers prepared.

Do review relevant facts, statistics, and specific examples that support your efforts when applicable.

Do make your points clearly and concisely.

Do go off the record when you want a reporter to have information, but without the ability to quote you by name.

Do arrange to have photos available for reporters who are writing stories about your event.

Don't be shy. Every aspect of your project is an angle, and every angle deserves a story. An editor will never fault you for trying to get attention.

Don't get angry with the reporter. If you disagree with a statement a reporter makes, simply and calmly restate your points relevant to the conversation.

Don't continue to talk if you have adequately answered the question.

Don't be afraid to say you donšt know the answer, but offer to find the information.

Don't include cover letters or other documents when sending just a press release. Your release should speak for itself (and it only has five seconds to do it!). However, cover letters are OK if you're sending a press kit.

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