Five Steps to Freedom

STEP 1 - REGISTER TO VOTE  video link

 Before you can have any input in the political process you must become a registered voter. Registering is easy and it is free. To qualify as a registered voter you must be18 years of age, a US citizen and a resident of the county in which you register. The Texas Election Code, Section 13.001(a)(4), allows that a convicted felon may petition for reinstatement of their voting rights 2 years after having satisfied their judgment to the court. Contact your voter registrar at your local courthouse or call the Secretary of State office for details. 1-800-252-8683.

You can pick up a voter registration card at any courthouse or post office in the state. Fill out all necessary information and drop into any mail box where mail is retrieved.(no postage necessary) You must be duly registered 30 days prior to an election to be eligible to vote in that election.

Upon receipt of your voter card you will need 4 pieces of information. Your precinct number (which will be on the card). Each county is divided into voting precincts. The location for voting in each precinct will be published in your local paper or can be found at the local courthouse prior to each election. Except in special cases the location will generally remain the same. It is not necessary to re-register as long as you vote at least once each two years or don't move. The other three bits of information may or may not be on your voter certificate. The State of Texas is divided into 150 State Representative Districts,31 State Senatorial Districts and 30 US Congressional Districts. If this information is not on your voter certificate, it can be found at your courthouse. Each state is also represented by 2 US Senators You must then learn the name, address and phone number(both local and capitol offices) of each of these people. They are the ones to contact when you have any questions or requests concerning political happenings. They are the ones you will vote for or against each two or four years as the case may be. These four elected officials are the ones who will vote on issues for you personally. It is also a good idea to get the same information for the County and Precinct Chair of each Party.

You are now a registered voter. You have all the necessary names, addresses and phone numbers of those people you must deal with in order to be politically effective. Congratulations, You have completed step 1. It has cost you very little time, no money and is probably one of the biggest decisions you have made during this lifetime. You are now in a position to truly have a say in the political future of your city, county, state and country. It is now imperative that you become familiar with the voting record of those 5 people who supposedly serve your needs at both the state and federal level.

Thus begins Step 2


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