Five Steps to Freedom


 It is now time to make use of the information you have gathered. Elected officials are normal people and can not be expected to have all the answers. They depend on their constituents to keep them informed. Today most of their information comes from paid lobbyist. You must change this situation. They will look more favorably on a friend than someone paid to influence their vote.

Sit down and write a letter to each of the top 3 elected officials in your district. Your letter should be hand written, no more than one page and cover only one subject. Pick any current subject in which you are interested. Identify yourself, explain how you feet about the issue and why. Ask how they see the issue and ask for a response. Example:

Dear Senator Anyone;

    I am an avid motorcyclist but both my spouse and I drive automobiles. I am quite disturbed by the current push for No-fault insurance in Texas. Everything I have been able to learn about this subject is negative. It appears to me, that drivers with good driving records and especially those who ride motorcycles would be unfairly treated under such a plan. Hawaii and Canada have both repealed their No-fault as being too costly.
    I would like to know how you feel on this issue and how you would vote on the issue should it come before you in the next session. If you support No-fault I would like to know your reason for doing so. I await your reply.


John Doe
VRN 186701/9
(VRN is voter registration #)

Since our interests are primarily motorcycle related it would be good to list any MC Club or Rights Organization to which you belong. This will establish your standing for the future.


Each official should receive at least one letter per month. Comment on quotes they have made to the media or action taken on a specific issue. Watch for announced meetings the officials will attend and be there. Introduce yourself at the first meeting and make it a point to be certain they are aware of your presence at all future meetings. Don't miss an opportunity to praise any official when they have performed well. The best way to do this is thru the Letters to The Editor section of your local newspaper. These papers are read by the official or his staff each morning.


You have now established yourself as a person who is knowledgeable, active in the political arena and a registered voter and are therefore seen as a constituent who deserves consideration. Officials are visited by paid lobbyists on a daily basis. They realize these people are not really interested in a piece of legislation except in how it affects their salary. It is refreshing to have someone who really cares about an issue to share information with them. Remember these are plain men and women, just like you. For the most part, they ran for office to make a difference. Having arrived in the capitol they came to realize things are not always as they seem. Change doesn’t come easy when the status quo has been established for years. That is why we need more of us up there.

Never lie to an official to make your case seem more solid. They have heard them all and you will only brand yourself as a phony. Don't offer a compromise you are not certain your Association will honor. Let the official realize you will always be above board on any issue. Treat each official with whom you come in contact with honesty and integrity as if dealing with a friend and you might just find you are. Always address only one issue per letter or visit unless requested to do otherwise.

You have now established rapport with those elected officials in your District. They know you as an honest, caring person, interested in your community and registered to vote. You have taken Step 2 and passed with flying colors. Your new political future is moving closer to reality and all you had to do was take one more step. Pretty simple trip so far isn’t it?

NOW move your left foot back in Front and let's take Step 3.


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