Five Steps to Freedom

STEP 4 - THE PRIMARY   Video Link

 You have worked hard and hopefully your candidate will be victorious. Win or lose you have made friends and proven yourself to be a hard worker and a staunch supporter of those who have the same feeling on the issues as you do. You have also seen how important citizen involvement is to the political scene. It is now time to put that knowledge to work and take advantage of the delegate process.

Get out and meet with your neighbors. There is a saying, (Good fences make good neighbors), open your gate and Bar-B-Que Pit and let your neighbor be your friend. Explain our goals and ask for their support to become a delegate. Offer transportation to the polls, even if it means using 4 wheels.

1. Vote in the primary of your choice:

a. When you sign in to get your ballot ask for the time and place of the caucus meeting (they won't volunteer this information)
b. If it is convenient, it is best to vote close to closing time so you won't have to return later.

2. The Caucus Meeting:

a. Call to order at the appointed time by the precinct chair.
b. Preparation of list of qualified participants in attendance. (only those who voted in the primary are qualified)
c. Announcement of the Agenda and basic rules of procedure.
d. Nomination and election of temporary officers of the Pct. meeting. This is where you need your friends!
e. Announcement of time and location of county or district meetings and temporary committee meetings, if known.
f. Nomination and election of delegates to the county or district convention, whichever the case may be in your precinct.

1. If the number present is less than the number of delegates and alternates needed, names can be picked from the list of those who voted.
2. The above is usually the case. That is why your participation is so important. Know which, if any, of your supporters voted but were unable to make the Caucus and get them appointed as delegates.

3. Resolutions:

a. The caucus chair asks the floor for any resolutions to be considered for the county convention.(Our list of resolutions will be prepared in advance and you will have several copies)
b. Raise your hand and say "Mr. Chairman, I have(how many) resolutions to be entered for our precinct. Each resolution will be read, seconded and voted. Our people will have the same resolutions in each precinct so don't panic if some don’t pass. Note the source of opposition for future reference. After all resolutions are introduced and voted and all announcements made, the meeting will adjourn. (generally less than an hour).

The County or district Convention is a miniature State Convention. The committees have been chosen and will do their work. The number of delegates from each precinct will be announced and the precinct delegates will each elect their delegates for the State Convention. The Resolutions passed at this Convention shall move forward to be considered at the State Convention. The State Convention is the culmination of this whole process. This will be three days of hard work and glorious pleasure as payment for going the distance. As we progress we can place enough members on each committee to truly affect our future. There are 254 counties in Texas. If we could get just 10 State Delegates from each county we could control either Party. Since we are not interested in control for it's own sake we can interact with others to form a party which is fair to all. Only by gaining support of others can we guarantee our right to ride free for years to come.

This is just a simple outline of the process. If you have chosen to become involved we will provide workshops for more specific training prior to the actual Primary. Having taken these 4 steps you have moved into the realm of knowledge as to real workings of Texas politics. You are as adept at the process as any county chairman currently in office. It is now time to step completely into the arena. For years we have worked to put biker friendly people in office. Now it is time we reap the full benefit of our training and labor.

Place your left foot forward again and take Step number 5.


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