It’s Really Not that Hard!

You’ll be up to speed in no time.

Remember, there is a STATE SENATE (think Albany, NY) and a US SENATE (think Washington). We also have NY ASSEMBLY while WASHINGTON has CONGRESS.
Rule # 1 – Never mix up what Bill comes from where! Is it a New York State Bill? Senate? Assembly? A Federal Bill?

Lets Start with Bills
A Bill is a document that began as an idea for a law. The Bill must pass the Senate and the Assembly. Then the Bill is signed or vetoed by the Governor.

How a Bill becomes a Law – mostly text
How a Bill becomes a Law – graphic
Pass a Law – details about passing a law

What Are We Going to Do About The Bills?
A motorcycle friendly Bill need letters, phone calls, and personal visits for support. A motorcycle “unfriendly” Bill needs letters,phone calls, personal visits and needs to be watched very closely.

It is a lot easier to stop a Bill that to rewrite a law.

The ABATE State Legislative Officer will tell you when to write. Go to state meetings and listen. If you would like more details call the State Legislation Officer or District Legislation Officer and ask. The ABATE State Newsletter will have officers phone numbers. You will need to put the information in your chapter newsletter, talk to your chapter members at meetings, and don’t stop there, talk to family and friends. See who is interested. Now would be a good time to learn Grassroots.

Grassroots Communication

Who to Write to and What to Say
Almost always you will be contacting the Senator and Assemblymen that handle your county. The only time you are going to write to someone out of your county is when the Bill is in committee. When the bill is in committee you can write to the members of the committee with your views and information. Many members of legislation have to vote on things that they know little about. That is why they need to know about your personal experiences and how the Bill will affect your life.

Writing a Better Letter

When the Bills Has Passed the Senate and Assembly
When a Bill is ready for the Governor to take action on it, there is a delay as each Bill is taken as they pass. Read Senator Nozzolio’s comments on the process.

The Governor’s Desk

Albany Basics
10 details about the State Legislature

Who is in Charge
The New York State Senate and Assembly are not run the same way. I guess they want to keep us confused! So here is the “Who is Who?” in Albany leadership.