Promoting Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, & Education

ABATE of New York is a corporation, not a “motorcycle club”. We are a group of individuals from different backgrounds coming together to ensure that the motorcycling lifestyle will still be an enjoyable lifestyle for our children and grandchildren. We do this by making sure that motorcyclists’ point of view is presented to our legislators.

We encourage all our members to be informed, registered voters. We write letters to our elected officials and stay aware of what is going on with motorcycle legislation, education and other transportation issues. We spread the word about motorcycle safety, awareness, and education. And to do that we have events and motorcycle runs.

Yes, we sit at meetings each month but we also ride our motorcycles … a lot! A member is not required to attend meetings but we do like to see all your smiling faces!

Anyone interested in motorcycling may attend our meetings and events. We don’t all ride motorcycles, but the majority of us do share this interest.

ABATE of New York Aims and Purposes

To review and inform our members about federal, state, and local levels of government motorcycle legislation and to promote favorable motorcycle legislation regarding the following:

  1. Insurance
  2. Licensing
  3. Modifications
  4. Bans
  5. Restrictions
  6. Emissions
  7. Noise levels

To improve road condition thus making roads safer for motorcyclists.

  1. Alerting the D.O.T. of dangerous roadway conditions.

To help prevent accidents through education.

  1. Promote motorcycle awareness programs for all motorists.
  2. Promote rider education course for motorcyclists.
  3. To work towards insurance reductions though motorcycle rider education and lower motorcycle accidents.

To promote positive community relations.

  1. Active participation in activities benefiting the common welfare of the community.
  2. Active participation in events sponsored by/for charitable organizations.

To promote political involvement of motorcyclists.

  1. Informing members how elected or appointed government representatives voted on legislation affecting motorcyclists.
  2. Encouraging members to register and vote.
  3. Encouraging qualified members to run for public office.
  4. Encouraging members to write their representatives at federal, state, and local levels, on all issues concerning motorcycles: Favorable or Unfavorable.
  5. Attending motorcycle events and distributing information on current status of motorcycle legislation. Report on elected officials at all levels of government who approve or disapprove of said legislation.
  6. To act as an information source to help discrimination against motorcyclists.

To act as a legislative liaison between motorcyclists and government authorities, police departments, government agencies, insurance companies, and other organizations.

To report and discourage biased news reporting of motorcyclists.

To present and promote a better public image of motorcyclists.
Keeping ABATE of New York, Inc. Sponsored events orderly and peaceful.

History of ABATE

Going Back in Time
Before We Were a Twinkle in Lou Kemzey’s Eye

Back in June of 1971, a new and exciting motorcycle publication was introduced – EASYRIDERS – a motorcycle magazine for the entertainment of adult bikers. This came into existence by the hard work of Lou Kimzey, the Editor, along with the owner of Paisano Publications.

About the same time that EASYRIDERS got underway, an organization by the name of NCCSI (National Custom Cycle Safety Institute) got going…

In Issue No. 3, October 1971, EASYRIDERS started a non-profit organization just for bikers.
It was called NCCA (National Custom Cycle Association). At the time, dues were $3 for a one-year membership

It wasn’t long until Lou changed NCCA to ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments). Lou came
about the Eagle logo in an old civil war publication…

History of the ABATE Organization